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A Comparative Evaluation of Top-N Recommendation Algorithms: Case Study with TOTAL CustomersIdir Benouaret and Sihem Amer-Yahia
A Cooperative Approach to Address the Overabundant Answers Problem in RDF Knowledge BasesLouise Parkin, Ibrahim Dellal, Brice Chardin, Stéphane Jean and Allel Hadjali
A Partitioning Approach for Skyline Queries in Presence of Partial and Dynamic OrdersKarim Alami and Sofian Maabout
A Pattern-based Approach for an Early Detection of Popular Twitter AccountsJonathan Debure, Stephan Brunessaux, Camelia Constantin and Cedric Du Mouza
Algorithmes à base de provenance pour des requêtes enrichies  sur les bases de données graphesYann Ramusat, Pierre Senellart and Silviu Maniu
An extension of chronicles temporal model with taxonomies-Application to epidemiological studiesJohanne Bakalara, Thomas Guyet, Olivier Dameron, André Happe and Emmanuel Oger
Approche supervisée pour l’appariement d’entités dans le domaine Transport et LogistiqueYassine Guermazi, Sana Sellami and Omar Boucelma
Cache-aware scheduling of scientific workflows in multisite cloudGaetan Heidsieck, Daniel de Oliveira, Esther Pacitti, Christophe Pradal, François Tardieu and Patrick Valduriez
Confidentialité différentielle à risque : Relier les sources d’aléa et un budget de confidentialitéAshish Dandekar, Debabrota Basu, Pierre Senellart and Stéphane Bressan
Discovery of Link Keys in RDF Data Based on Pattern Structures: Preliminary StepsNacira Abbas, Jérôme David and Amedeo Napoli
Efficient Discovery of Compact Maximal Behavioral Patterns from Event LogsMehdi Acheli, Daniela Grigori and Matthias Weidlich
Ensuring License Compliance in Federated Query ProcessingBenjamin Moreau and Patricia Serrano Alvarado
EPIQUE : A Graph Data Model and Query Language for Exploring the Evolution of ScienceKe Li, Hubert Naacke and Bernd Amann
Experimental study of regret minimization sets and multidimensional skylinesKarim Alami and Sofian Maabout
Graph integration of structured, semistructured and unstructured data for data journalismOana Balalau, Catarina Conceição, Helena Galhardas, Ioana Manolescu, Tayeb Merabti, Jingmao You and Youssr Youssef
Graph-based keyword search in heterogeneous data sourcesAngelos Christos Anadiotis, Mhd Yamen Haddad and Ioana Manolescu
Guided Exploration of User GroupsMariia Seleznova, Behrooz Omidvar-Tehrani, Sihem Amer-Yahia and Eric Simon
Jumping Evaluation of Nested Regular Path QueriesRustam Azimov, Joachim Niehren and Sylvain Salvati
Leveraging Change Point Detection for Activity Transition Mining in the Context of Environmental CrowdsensingHafsa El Hafyani, Karine Zeitouni, Yehia Taher and Mohammad Abboud
Lineage-Preserving Anonymization of the Provenance of Collection-Based WorkflowsKhalid Belhajjame
Not Elimination  and Witness Generation for JSON SchemaMohamed-Amine Baazizi, Dario Colazzo, Giorgio Ghelli, Carlo Sartiani and Stefanie Scherzinger
Optimisation Collective d’Arbres de Décision dans une Forêt AlétoireNour Elislem Karabadji, Hassina Seridi, Abdelaziz Amara Korba, Sabeur Aridhi and Wajdi Dhifli
Optimization for Large-Scale Fuzzy Joins Using Fuzzy Filters in MapReduceThi-To-Quyen Tran, Thuong-Cang Phan, Anne Laurent and Laurent D’Orazio
Overlapping Hierarchical Clustering (OHC)Ian Jeantet, Zoltan Miklos and David Gross-Amblard
Reducing the Cost of Aggregation in CrowdsourcingRituraj Singh, Loic Helouet and Zoltan Miklos
Schema Inference for Property Graph DatabasesHanâ Lbath, Angela Bonifati and Russ Harmer
Selectivity correction through online machine learningMax Halford, Philippe Saint-Pierre and Franck Morvan
SEPAR: A Privacy-Preserving Blockchain-based System for Regulating Multi-Platform Crowdworking EnvironmentsMohammad Javad Amiri, Joris Duguépéroux, Tristan Allard, Amr El Abbadi and Divyakant Agrawal
Subsequence Anomaly Detection with Series2GraphPaul Boniol and Themis Palpanas
Temporal Aggregation of Spanning Event Stream: A General Framework (Extended Version from Dexa ’20)Aurélie Suzanne, Guillaume Raschia and José Martinez
Towards application-specific query processing systemsDimitrios Vasilas, Marc Shapiro, Bradley King and Sara Hamouda
Une dichotomie sur l’évaluation de requêtes closes sous homomorphismes sur les graphes probabilistesAntoine Amarilli and Ismail Ilkan Ceylan


EPIQUE: Extracting Meaningful Science Evolution Patterns from Large Document ArchivesKe Li, Hubert Naacke and Bernd Amann
How to Implement NoSQL Schemas with ModelDrivenGuide?Jihane Mali, Faten Atigui, Ahmed Azough and Nicolas Travers
Human-in-the-Loop Schema Inference for Massive JSON DatasetsMohamed-Amine Baazizi, Clément Berti, Dario Colazzo, Giorgio Ghelli and Carlo Sartiani
Massively Distributed Clustering via Dirichlet Process MixtureKhadidja Meguelati, Bénédicte Fontez, Nadine Hilgert, Florent Masseglia and Isabelle Sanchez
Obi-Wan: Ontology-Based RDF Integration of Heterogeneous DataMaxime Buron, Francois Goasdoue, Ioana Manolescu and Marie-Laure Mugnier
Scrutinizer: A System for Checking Statistical ClaimsGeorgios Karagiannis, Mohammed Saeed, Paolo Papotti and Immanuel Trummer
Task-Tuning in Privacy-Preserving Crowdsourcing PlatformsAntonin Voyez, Joris Duguépéroux and Tristan Allard

Articles doctorants

SLA Definition for Multi-Cloud QueriesDamien T. Wojtowicz, Shaoyi Yin and Franck Morvan
Adaptive Search Engine for Heterogeneous DocumentsOussama Ayoub, Christophe Rodrigues and Nicolas Travers